Please follow these instructions as a general guide on how to take care of your precious VIVI pieces:

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals like cleaning household items, hand sanitizers, and chlorine in pools water. These chemicals can alter the aspect of gemstones and gold, and damage plated jewelry. 

Avoid contact with harsh surfaces like cement, metal, sand, stone, etc., as this can scratch, bend, damage the aspect of your jewelry, as well as scratch or break precious stones. We recommend as well that you store your pieces separately so they don't scratch each other. 

Wear with extra care. Remove your jewelry when doing intense activities, like weightlifting, training, swimming, climbing, gardening, etc., as your strength and contact with abrasive surfaces can bend, scratch, dent, and even break your jewelry. Remove your jewelry for cleaning or washing your hands to avoid scratches and exposure to chemicals. Allow hand sanitizers to dry completely on your skin before putting back on jewelry.

To clean your precious pieces, use neutral soap and water, and wipe them with a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol or other abrasive chemicals. 

We offer complimentary cleaning and maintenance for all of our jewelry. We recommend using this service at least once a year. Contact us for more information on how to use this benefit. 


Wear with extra care. Gold is a precious metal that will last forever but please keep in mind that precious metal jewelry is delicate and should be worn with care. Gold is a soft metal and can get scratched, dented, bent if treated roughly or exposed to abrasive surfaces and substances.

Keep away from abrasives. Keep away from all rough and abrasive surfaces such as sand, cement, glass, stone, and other metal objects, etc.

Avoid All Chemicals, Bleach, & Chlorine. Avoid exposing gold and platinum jewelry to household cleaners, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and bleach. Bleach will cause discoloration and damage to the metal and gemstones. Chlorine may also damage fine precious metals. Repeated exposure to chlorine can weaken gold's structure, eventually leading to breakage. Please keep your jewelry away from pools and jacuzzis.



Keep away from all abrasive surfaces, sharp objects that may cause scratching, denting, and scuffing including other jewelry. Like all true strong things, Silver is resistant and soft, so avoid putting hard pressure, impacts and sharp objects that can scratch it and bend it out of shape.  

Tarnish is natural to Silver. This is why we finish our Silver pieces with rhodium plating to help reduce tarnishing. However, tarnishing is a natural occurrence that happens to all silver metals as a result of oxidation caused by the exposure of silver with certain elements such as oxygen, sulfur, salt, acids, and chlorine. For silver jewelry that is not rhodium plated, tarnishing can be gently removed by using a sterling silver safe jewelry cleaner, by polishing the tarnish off with a silver jewelry polishing cloth, or cleaning it with some dishwasher soap diluted in water. 



Keep away from all abrasive surfaces, sharp objects that may cause scratching, denting, and scuffing including other jewelry.

Black Rhodium, Black Gold, is a blackening surface treatment created by chemically binding a black ink to a White Rhodium metal solution. Jewelry plated with Black Rhodium or Black Ruthenium will have a uniquely dark and shiny reflective finish. This dark gunmetal color is also known by jewelers as "black gold".

Over time parts of black rhodium plating will wear off due to natural wear and tear revealing the underlying base metal (silver or gold). This is normal. The jewelry will develop its own unique patina similar to an antiqued blackened finish. The lifespan of the rhodium plating depends on how often the piece is worn. Generally, black rhodium plating will wear off more quickly on jewelry that is worn daily (such as rings) than on a piece that is worn occasionally.

Avoid moisture: Plated jewelry is NOT waterproof. Exposure to liquids such as water, hand sanitizer, lotions, oils, perfumes, alcohol, acetone, and chemical cleaners can weaken, damage, and remove the plated coating. Do not use jewelry cleaning liquids. These liquids contain chemicals that can eat away at the metal and may even cause damage to gemstones and pearls. Please keep your hands clean but avoid exposing your jewelry to hand sanitizers and chemical disinfectants. Take off your jewelry before using hand sanitizers and chemical disinfectants.

Avoid exposure to heat: Avoid placing all plated jewelry near heat, as this can cause discoloration, damage, and deformation. 

To clean:

  1. Simply wipe clean with a soft dry, non-abrasive cloth to clean.
  2. Do not steam or use ultrasonic cleaners on plated jewelry.
  3. Do not use polishing cloths or liquid jewelry cleaners for your plated jewelry, as this will remove the plating.

Rhodium-plated surface will wear off over time, revealing the underlying base metal. The lifespan of the rhodium plating depends on how the piece is worn. The plating will wear off of jewelry worn daily more quickly than a piece that is worn occasionally.


Diamonds have the greatest hardness of any natural material, which means they resist scratches better than any other gemstone. Although highly resistant to scratches, diamonds are susceptible to damage from physical blows. All diamond and precious gemstone jewelry should be protected from any sharp impacts.  Exposure to high heat or extreme temperature changes. should be avoided. Intense heat may alter the color, and sudden temperature changes may cause the fracturing of the gemstone.

To avoid scratching the gemstone, please keep away from sharp or abrasive objects, including other jewelry. Store your gemstone jewelry separately in a soft cloth or inside a padded container away from other pieces of jewelry.

To maintain brilliance, remove any grease. Precious gemstone jewelry is best cleaned with warm, mild sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber or a soft chamois cloth. Take all your fine jewelry to a professional jeweler at least once a year for a thorough cleaning and inspection. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, abrasive liquid cleaners, chemical cleaners, or detergents.



We offer complimentary professional cleaning to all your VIVI pieces, at any time. Contact us to find out all the details. Repairs are for VIVI TROYA jewelry only. For jewelry repairs, professional cleaning, and servicing please contact us at